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Signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement with Wuhan University

On the morning of October 28, 2019, the Suzhou University Research Institute of Wuhan University-Wuhan University Suzhou Alumni Enterprise Industry-University-Research Cooperation Signing and Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base Awarding Ceremony was held in Xiangchengyuan and Cailian Building in High-tech Zone.

Yin Xiaohong, dean of the Suzhou Research Institute of Wuhan University, said in his keynote speech: Strengthening the connection and cooperation between the school and the alumni is the essence and essentials of the alumni work. Signing and awarding are only the foundation for serving the alumni work, and there are many down-to-earth benefits. Things to do, such as the specific content of industry-university-research cooperation, how to produce results, how to use the results, etc., hope that this cooperation strengthens the deep theoretical and technical research of alumni enterprises and universities, and jointly saves the company with The development of Wuhan University has reached a new height.

Wang Yaxiong, president of Wuhan University Alumni Association Alumni Entrepreneur Branch, spoke of the training of his mother-in-law, thanked the school for his support of the development of alumni, and hoped to enhance the innovation ability of alumni enterprises through the cooperation between alumni enterprises and Suzhou Research Institute. The competitiveness of alumni companies will bring alumni closer together to serve the school and serve the community.

In the eager anticipation, Chen Huidong, assistant to the president of Wuhan University, Fu Guohua, deputy secretary of the Party and High-tech Zone Party Committee of Suzhou Xiangcheng District, and Yin Xiaohong, dean of the Suzhou Research Institute of Wuhan University, presented the "School of Research and Research Base of Wuhan University of Suzhou University" together with the alumni enterprise. "The plaque.

Yuan Guohua, deputy secretary of the Party and Work Committee of Yuanhe High-tech Zone, thanked Wuhan University and Suzhou Research Institute for their support and assistance to Yuanhe High-tech Zone. He said that in the areas of talent introduction, high-tech enterprises, and industrial park development, Yuanhe High-tech Zone We will formulate relevant preferential policies, strengthen cooperation between the two sides, and wish the cooperation between industry and research institutes of Wuhan University and alumni enterprises of Wuhan University to be better and stronger.

Our alumnus, Pei Jiaping, as alumni representative, thanked her alma mater for her training, and thanked her alma mater for providing excellent conditions for alumni to transform academic theories into scientific and technological achievements through academic and technical research of alma mater and alumni companies. The results enriched the academic theory, glory for the alma mater, and inject vitality into the development of the enterprise. Taking this cooperation as an opportunity, the alumni enterprises will conduct scientific research, strive to improve market competitiveness and innovation ability, and return the society with better products.

In the final summary, Chen Huidong, assistant to the president of Wuhan University, pointed out that he hopes that alumni enterprises will combine academic research and enterprise research with high efficiency to create more scientific research results that are beneficial to social progress.

It is reported that the Suzhou Research Institute of Wuhan University has signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement with 11 alumni companies in Suzhou.


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