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Cosuper " Middle East Electricity" Exhibition invite you

In 2019, the Middle East International Exhibition on Electric Power, Lamps and New Energy (MEE) was hosted by the world-renowned British IIR Exhibition Company. It is a professional exhibition with a wide range of influence in the Middle East and the world. It has been rated as one of the world's top five industries. One of the activities. With the steady growth of international trade in the Middle East, the MEE exhibition has attracted more and more relevant professionals and high-level people to visit.

exhibition criteria

1. Power: power station equipment, substation equipment, power transmission equipment, high and low voltage electrical switches, power distribution equipment, electronic control equipment, power control system testing equipment, cable and wire materials, cable control equipment, generator sets and related equipment, capacitors , electronic equipment, industrial electronics, industrial relays, inverters, junction boxes, etc.
2, lighting: outdoor lighting, venue lighting, tunnel lighting, industrial, commercial lights, architectural lights, special lighting, emergency lighting, switch systems, lighting protection, outdoor lighting, lighting equipment, lighting accessories.
3. New energy and renewable energy: wind power, solar installations, energy consumption monitoring and services, energy measurement, environment, environmental consulting, environmental research, power and wind power plants, recycling systems (solid, liquid, steam), tide Can wait.
4. Water conservancy: water treatment system, water conservancy equipment and technology, water storage tank, water pipe, irrigation and drainage equipment, water pump and engine, pure water purification equipment, wastewater recycling system, water pollution monitoring and analysis equipment and various water treatment technologies.
5. Nuclear energy: nuclear engineering, nuclear power plant related projects, technology and scientific research results.

With the rapid economic development of the Gulf region and the rapid population growth, the investment in infrastructure in the Middle East has been increasing, and new demand has led the vigorous development of the power, lighting and new energy markets. According to the World Energy Council (WEC), the Gulf's total electricity demand will reach around 100,000 MW in the next decade. Another industry analysis report pointed out that the power investment in the Middle East and North Africa region will reach 57 billion US dollars in the next 6 years. Experts also predicted in the report that the total investment in power resources projects in the Middle East in the next 15 years will exceed 200 billion US dollars.

Suzhou Develpower Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has a strong reputation in Africa and the Middle East. With the outbreak of the South African PV market in 2015, our PV inverters and solar controllers are selling well in Africa. The products quickly flowed to countries such as Algeria, Egypt and Libya. In 2016, under the promotion of Israeli distributors, inverters and power supply products were launched in the Arab countries, and were recognized and praised by customers. Sales volume increased rapidly.

At the Dubai exhibition, the head office Cosuper Energy will show our newly designed high frequency inverter (through German testing standards), high frequency photovoltaic inverter SPE series, ETL certificated CPT series low frequency inverter, and some DC AC solar small systems.

The following is the address of our exhibition details:

Address: DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Duba, UAE
Exhibition Name: Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2019
Time: March 5-7
Booth No. : Z1. B13

Looking forward your visit, Cosuper Energy will provide you with better products with dedicated service and high-quality technology.


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