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XPT series hybrid inverter Update history

XPT series hybrid inverter is an inverter integrated machine produced by Suzhou DevelPower Energy. It was launched in 2014. With built-in solar controller, the performance is stable and easy to use, and it is quickly recognized and praised by customers. In 2015, it sold well in the South African market.

The first generation XPT series hybrid inverter, rated power range: 1000W to 12KW, the appearance color is purple, mainly used in solar energy systems.

The second-generation XPT series hybrid inverter has a light blue appearance, and the display has been improved and upgraded to obtain more data when the machine is working.

The third-generation XPT series hybrid inverter, based on the needs of enterprise development, was upgraded on the basis of the second-generation XPT series hybrid inverter, and was renamed as: CPS series hybrid inverter. The built-in solar charge controller has more stable performance and a higher conversion efficiency.

The remote control function has been added and it is possible to remotely connect to the PTM-12 remote control screen.

The networking function has been added, and all data running by the inverter can be queried through the network.

A battery type selection switch has been added. The battery type switch on the inverter can be adjusted to match the customer's battery according to the customer's battery type.

This type CPS series hybrid inverter, rated power range: 3kw to 12KW.


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